Tuesday, 21 July 2015

What Is Oriental Massage?


An oriental massage is an ancient form of therapy designed to relieve pain and tension in joints and muscles, reduce stress, enhance circulation of blood and preserve an overall healthy body and peaceful mind. This type of massage originated in the Far East and is based on the theories of Chinese medicine using the concept of energy, or chi, that flows throughout the body. 

This form of therapy treats tender parts of the body by massaging them with the fingers, thumbs and palms with the use of massage oils. There are several types of oriental massage methods but the most popular ones are Thai, Shiatsu and Indonesian-Javanese massages, all of which focus on the pressure points of the body, similar to Chinese acupuncture methods.

Oriental massage has become a popular form of therapy throughout the world. Different methods of Chinese and Japanese massage are used in drug rehab centers and and in hospitals for cancer and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) patients. These methods are used as a form of relaxation to help the patients control and reduce stress and maintain a balance between the body and the soul.

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