Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Massage Therapy For Autism


Massage therapy can be adapted to accommodate patients with autism. The massage techniques are slightly modified to help autistics become more comfortable with human touch. Those with Autism can also benefit greatly from a deep massage of the foot and leg muscles. Children with Autism tend to walk on their toes, so the feet and legs become tense. The massage targets the gastrocnemius and soleus to fully relax the feet, allowing the patient to walk flat-footed for at least a short period of time following the massage.

Massage also promotes relaxation and breathing regulation. Breathing exercises often work to calm autistic patients and reduce hyperactivity. Overall, with the proper patience and communication techniques, massage therapy can be extended to autistic patients. By providing consistent, nurturing human contact and touch, massage can overcome some of the defensive tendencies characteristic of the tactile system in those with autism.

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