Saturday, 16 January 2016

Massage Therapy For Tendinitis

Tendinitis is the painful inflammation of a tendon (fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone) that often occurs as the result of a repetitive strain or a muscular overuse injury. Massage is a type of manual therapy that can help relieve the pain associated with tendinitis and improve overall function by manipulating the affected area to reduce excessive tension in the connective tissue and muscles, and promote healing.

Massage therapy for Tendinitis is friction massage therapy. It is used in injuries caused on shoulder, elbow, back of the heel or thumb-side of the wrist. In this therapy strokes (back and forth) are applied perpendicular to the injury using gentle pressures with fingers and thumb. Friction massage stimulates the production of collagen in damaged tendon fibres, thereby healing the injured part rapidly. Trigger points in the forearm can be massaged to reduce an injury of tendinitis on the wrist.

Massage for Tendinitis may help relieve excessive tension and help prevent the build up of scar tissue via hands-on manipulation of the affected area. Icing may be done before and after massage to provide optimal relief. Massage should not be given during the acute stage of a tendinitis injury (which is typically the first 48 hours after injury) and should not be performed when tissues are swollen or visibly inflamed. Massage therapies can decrease swelling, foster blood circulation and avert the development of adhesion.

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