Sunday, 31 January 2016

Health Benefits Of Kriya Massage

Kriya massage is a modality of massage built around the harnessing of the body’s natural energy. Kriya massage is an alternative modality, and as such there are mixed feelings about its efficacy. Kriya massage, like most energy-based modalities, has a number of intended effects. It can be used to reduce stress, both as a direct consequence of the massage, and as a longer-term state of homeostasis. It can be used to improve posture and flexibility, utilizing a number of yoga techniques as part of the massage process. 

Kriya massage is also a very healing-oriented form of body work, improving the flow of both the lymphatic system and the blood, thereby allowing the body to function more effectively. Kriya massage is an incredibly intuitive massage modality, unlike other forms of massage which focus on musculature, or prescribed series of actions to achieve a desired result. The practitioner is understood to have a deep connection to the needs of the patient, which allows them to intuitively make the necessary motions to best help the person unlock their energetic blockage.

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