Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Massage Therapy For Obesity

Obesity is an accumulation of fat in the body’s fat cells to such a serious degree that it rapidly increases the risk of several diseases and mortality.Obese individuals with social anxiety related only to their weight may experience anxiety as severe as individuals with social anxiety disorder (SAD). This is a cyclical problem as those experiencing social anxiety as a result of their weight will continue to use food as an escape.

Many individuals carrying excess weight are uncomfortable within their physical body. Choosing a somatic therapy, such as massage, can be a tremendous leap of faith for this population. Massage Therapy is widely known to decrease stress and depression and increase sense of well-being and good mood. The new stress-free outlook that may be forged as a result of regular massage therapy sessions therefore has the ability to help stop the cycle of anxiety and excessive eating.

Massage Therapy helps Obese people to reduce Weight and Balance Metabolic system of body and prevent from strokes and other diseases.

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