Monday, 24 August 2015

Massage Therapy For College Students

College can be a stressful time for students whether they are just starting or have been enrolled for some time. Stresses can include being in a new situation, move-in week, mid-terms, finals, and missing family and friends. Massage therapy is a wonderful tool that not only makes you feel more at ease and more able to cope with these stressors, but regular massages have academic benefits as well. 

Students also usually feel tight, wound up, anxious and have a hard time focusing.Most people don’t realize this but due to such stress, one in every four college freshman drops out. If those college students who dropped out, had a healthy alternative for dealing with stress, such as massage therapy, they would have been more able to tackle the academic commitments that their college professors imposed on them.This is why every college student should receive a massage therapy session at least once or twice per month. 

Massage benefits on academic stress:

Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety
Reduces muscle tension
Improves blood circulation
Merge mind, body and spirit
Increase mental focus stamina

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