Friday, 21 August 2015

Asian Massage Therapy

Asian Massage therapy is a melange of various massage techniques from Asian countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, and India. The techniques have been used for centuries in these countries and have recently become popular as a form alternate healing methods.  Asian massage therapy can include massage styles like anma and tui na from China, shiatsu from Japan, and Thai massage from Thailand; most of these have their origin in India and Buddhism. 

Asian massage therapy is a relaxing treatment and uses a range of strokes, gliding, kneading, or cross-fiber friction to work on the muscles and enhance circulation. Chinese tui na massage therapy involves applying pressure on the body at certain key points. Acupressure helps the body to trigger its own self-healing abilities. This is helpful in relieving headaches, back pain, and migraines, and easing stress and anxiety. It also said to help in weight management. 

In general, Asian massage therapy improves blood circulation, and allows the system to function better as a whole. It alleviates pain and reduces the need to take medication. The therapy is not only good for the physical well-being but also lifts up the spirits and creates emotional wellbeing. However, one should keep in mind that these are alternative forms of treatment and cannot replace allopathic treatment.

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