Monday, 22 June 2015

What Is Hilot Massage ?

Hilot Massage is a traditional form of therapy which is used as an all around treatment for different types of medical conditions. Hilot means healing in Filipino which is a deep tissue massage that uses soft and gentle strokes. Hilot massage uses a combination of herbal medicines along with special oil extracts from herbs that enhances the healing capacity of the therapy.The heat is also used in Hilot massage as a way to open up body and soothing it to further improve the healing and recovery rate.

During the therapy, heat as well as massage oil is applied on the skin where the treatment is required.Regular session of Hilot massage eventually heal and restore the flexibility and mobility of the injured or dislocated bone. Hilot massage is used for body relaxation, as a pregnancy massage therapy, skeletal manipulation,for relieving massage pains, and for treating medical conditions.

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