Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Shower Head Massage


A shower head massage can be done with help of shower heads that are designed to give you a shower of water at a great force. The speed and the spraying patterns can be adjusted according to your requirements through the operation of valves that regulate the water flow. Modern shower head massage units also come with push buttons and other integrated controls that allow you to watch television, listen to music, or even answer your phone while luxuriating in a soothing shower head massage.

A shower head massage allows you to get a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own bathroom. It is the most luxurious way to take a bath. The warm jets of water ease the tension from your aching muscles and cleanse your body from the sweat and grime of a hard day at work.  The moist warm air also opens the pores of your skin and facilitates deep cleansing of any oil or dirt trapped in these pores. This can be very beneficial in treating skin conditions such as acne.

A massage with a hot jet of water not only helps to ease out the knots from your muscles, but the steam trapped in the shower cubicle also makes you sweat. This helps in the removal of toxins from your body and can also aid in weight loss. The steam can also help to moisten your nasal cavities, ease congestion, and help your mind to relax and unwind.

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