Sunday, 6 April 2014

Massage Therapy For Alzheimer's

Massage, therapeutic touch and calm physical presence has been noted as viable alternatives for Alzheimer’s and dementia treatments. Massage for Alzheimer patients and massage for the elderly is more often a soothing combination of touch, massage and deep listening. Massage therapists concentrate on shoulders, head, neck, and face with gentle rotations and fingertip friction. If the response is positive with the massage for an alzheimer’s patient, lower back, hips and feet are included to help with range of motion and age-related joint stiffness.

With patients who are living in a state of confusion a calming massage can relax, reassure and comfort. Patients benefit from the relaxing, meditative results from the calming touch and grounded state provided by a massage. Alzheimer / Dementia patients get a momentary respite from the racing thoughts, discomfort and bewilderment they live with day to day.

As a non-pharmacological approach, massage can be a low-cost, effective strategy for dealing with behavioral symptoms such as wandering and restlessness that can endanger a patient. A massage helps bring Alzheimer patients back to the present, returns them to their bodies to deeply relax and relish human contact. For those who are separated from family and friends, this caring, gentle touch can ease the fear and loneliness often associated with dementia and Alzheimer's.

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