Friday, 1 April 2016

Budzek Medical Massage Therapy

The focus of Budzek Medical Massage Therapy is to alleviate chronic pain experienced by those who suffer from a disorder or injury involving the joints, muscles, or nerves. In working toward this goal, massage therapists have relied on the classic pain spasm cycle model to determine how to address chronic pain for years. However, Budzek Medical Massage Therapy draws upon an extended version of this model, which Budzeky calls the "musculo skeletal pain cycle."

The musculo skeletal pain cycle proposed by Budzeky includes nine components, any one of which may trigger an imbalance in another area, contributing to persistence of the pain cycle. The components for consideration include emotional and/or physical stress, increased neural activity, joint compression, muscle tension, fascial adhesions, diminished circulation, trigger points, and impaired movement. Pain is also included as a component since it can facilitate further bio mechanical dysfunction, as well as increase neural activity and the expression of stress hormones.